Easy to Read & Understand Methods

Puzzle project applies the "easy-to-read" method to facilitate the transformation of text into forms that are easily understandable by people with limited capabilities in reading.

To assist trainers Learning Material has been produced by the project. This material focusses on how to implement the easy-to-read method to write texts that people with IDs can read and understand. The learning material consists of a Tutorial which describes in detail the stages of creating easy-to-read text, a Checklist and a Supplement which describes the evolution of easy-to-read text to easy-to understand, and a Guide for trainers on How to run a Workshop in Easy-to-Read.



The learning material has been used in the 1st short training session of Puzzle project that took place February 2016. An international team of 12 professionals (4 from each of the countries Greece, Lithuania and Poland) who work in agencies providing educational services for people with IDs were trained by the MTM specialists on the "easy to read" method. Based on the feedback provided by the professionals the learning material has been further developed to address the trainees expressed needs.

After the 2nd short training (November 2016) each one of the 12 professionals is able not only to create texts in easy-to-read format but also to transfer this method to other people providing support to persons with IDs.

Information written in easy-to-read format and complimented by friendly to use multimedia applications and tools can improve the access to information for persons with iDs.

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