My Project Puzzle

This section features an account of the PUZZLE Project produced by Ajay Choksi, Self-Advocate, Technical Assistant and Wiki Master from RIX Research & Media. Ajay has made his own multimedia account of his experience of working on PUZZLE as part of his Research work at RIX.

  • Ajay’s PUZZLE Diary

    Ajay kept a diary about his experience of working on Project PUZZLE

    View Ajay's Puzzle Diary

  • Ajay’s Research Wiki

    Ajay’s Research Wiki that features a section about Project PUZZLE work in London and Heraklion.

    View the wiki

  • Ajay’s Wiki about Symposium

    Ajay made a Wiki about the PUZZLE Symposium and his work on the PUZZLE Project.

    Watch his presentation in Puzzle Symposium

    View the wiki


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